Trackd artist Shimai release brand new EP

Introducing a brilliant Trackd artist called Shimai which is Japanese for ‘sisters’, with their mesmerising sibling harmonies and indie folk style. The duo have been playing live at various festivals and venues across the UK. Highlights include being support for 90’s band ‘Dodgy’, ‘Geoff Downes’ of ‘The Buggles’ and ‘Asia’ also featuring on the recent rock n’

‘Asking for Trouble’ Debut Album by Dan Bettridge

On July 6th one of Trackd’s first ever artists ‘Dan Bettridge’ will release his debut studio album ‘Asking For Trouble’.  Songs that feature on the album were first ideas that were laid down by Dan on Trackd, the songs were penned in Wales in his songwriting cabin and then subsequently developed with his producer Charlie