With his single ‘Take me for a ride’ being released this Friday, we had a few questions for Harvey Jones, AKA Sonny Winnebago. We couldn’t wait to ask him about his songwriting process, what inspires him and how he developed such a vibrant moniker, here’s what he had to say.

We’re loving your sunshiney music vibe, typically, what’s your song writing method?

Every song is so different. Usually I hum a melody into my voice memos, making little phonetic choices which sometimes shape the lyrics later on. I’m pretty terrible to be honest. I’ve got about 1,000 ideas which really never make it past the voice memos. If they do, they’ll likely be fleshed out on Trackd where I think a little more about the structure and arrangement. A lot of the time my ideas are Frankensteined together, because I’ve just found the perfect verse to a chorus I wrote in 2015!

We can’t wait until it drops on Friday , what inspired Take me for a ride?

Take Me For A Ride was inspired by a messy end to a friendship I experienced a few years ago. It really helped to be writing from a place of hindsight, as I’ve grown a lot since then. I think that really helped to form the uninhibited vibe of the song. If I wrote it in the thick of the experience, it probably would’ve ended up a little more poetic and fragile, definitely a lot less ‘pop’.

We love the name ‘Sonny Winnebago’, where did it come from?

Well thank you guys! No joke, it came to me in the shower. Quite Superman-esque isn’t it? Harvey Jones stepped into the shower, Sonny Winnebago came out! I like telling people different stories of what it means, because it means a lot of different things. I love it for its tribal, sunshiny connotations 🙂

Tell us about sharing a stage Michael Kiwanuka, it must have been quite an experience.

It was swell, I only found out 2 days before and it was a 1,000 capacity sold out gig. I drank a lot of tea, did some meditation and lots of star jumps to prepare. He’s a lovely guy and it was a pleasure to meet him and his band. I lived next to his hometown in London for a few years so we talked Jazz clubs, open mics & other little hotspots that only a local would know about. It was really special!

So, what’s next for Sonny Winnebago?

Oh my, what isn’t! A little tour of Cardiff & Bristol coffee shops over the next few months. A Tom Speight support slot, two months in Australia (including a car trip from Perth to Melbourne), where I’ll be playing a few shows. Three more releases and if all goes to plan, a tour around UK in early 2020. Phew!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Sonny! Good luck with your release!

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