Blessed with a voice that could soothe a set of angry ring wraiths into tranquility, Ivan Moult inhabits a curious, gentle space set between the 1970s folk/blues tradition and modern, confessional lyricism. #TrackdTalks with Featured Artist of The Week – Ivan Moult.

Trackd: Tell us a bit about the first song you ever wrote – what was it called, and what inspired it?

Ivan Moult: Smoke and Mirrors when I was 16- about a girl, predictably, and my struggles to communicate adequately with her. Still on the internet somewhere…


T: What’s the highlight of your music career thus far?

IM: Making my last album has been very satisfying, and supporting This Is The Kit at for SWN Festival this year was gig we loved.


T: Do you tend to perform with a band live or do you do solo sets as well? Which set-up do you prefer?

IM: I do both depending on the gig really, but always prefer to play with the band if I can. It’s just a more enjoyable experience playing and singing with others, especially the talented bunch I’ve had  pleasure of doing the last album with.


T: Do you continue to write when you’re on the road?

IM: I have written a lot whilst travelling and lot of the last record was written away from home. Something about of getting out of your comfort zone works for me I think.


T: What music have you got on your Trackd profile and is there any demos or music on your profile you’d like to challenge any of our users to have a go at re-tracking or putting their own spin on?

IM: I’ve got my latest single Easily Gone on Trackd and I’ve uploaded the stems for anyone who wants to have a play with it. I’d actively encourage it. It wants a guitar solo!

[Collaborate with Ivan here:]


T: What’s next for Ivan Moult? Any upcoming releases?

IM: The Album ‘Longest Shadow’ will be out net Spring, I’ve got a track on Charlie Francis‘ next release and I’ve done some vocals for a new Barnaby Carter album, which I can’t wait to hear next year hopefully.


T: Any advice for young, budding musicians wishing to take their passion and turn it into a career?

IM:  Gig as much as you can before you make your first record and write for yourself, don’t write for an imagined audience. Trust your instinct and enjoy it.


T: Best gig you’ve been to?

IM: Radiohead, Reading Festival 2009


T: Your dream band line-up?

IM: Nina Simone, Levon Helm, BB King and Danny Thompson.


T: What’s the *one* song you’d wish you’d written?

IM: Over The Hill – John Martyn



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