We catch up with singer songwriter and Trackd user – Dana Elle, on her favorite gig, working with British producer Femi Temowo (Amy Winehouse, The Roots) and ask her advice for budding musicians.




Trackd:  Tell us a bit about the first song you ever wrote – what was it called, and what inspired it?

Dana Elle:  The first song I wrote called “Maybe”. I’ve wrote it during 3 years and it’s length is less then 3 minutes. It’s inspired from the relationships I’ve was in at that time.


T:  What’s the highlight of your music career thus far?

DE:  Playing in Ronnie Scotts with Femi Temowo right after the performance of Pee Wee Elis who worked with James Brown.


T:  Do you tend to perform with a band live or do you do solo sets as well? Which set-up do you prefer and why?

DE:  I tend to do all kinds, from solo, to full band. I do prefer my duo act the most with my new producer and co-writer Aleph Aguiar.


T:  Do you continue to write when you’re on the road?

DE:  I write when I feel a strong urge to get something out of me.


T:  What music have you got on your Trackd profile and is there any demos or music on your profile you’d like to challenge any of our users to have a go at re-tracking or putting their own spin on?

DE:  I have a few ideas in Trackd that I’m still developing outside of the app. I welcome everyone everywhere to share their ideas!


T:  What’s next for Dana Elle? Any upcoming releases? When can people see you live?

DE:  I’m playing on Sunday the 22nd at the Freedom Bar,Soho, London at 8pm. This is going to be our first new show release.


T:  Any advice for young, budding musicians wishing to take their passion and turn it into a career?

DE:  Be constant. Never stop believing and work hard – that’s the only way!


T:  Best gig you’ve been to?

DE:  Justin Timberlake


T:  The ‘one’ song you’d wish you’d written?

DE:  Etta James – “At Last”

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