An instantly noteworthy new voice on the scene, singer-songwriter Vince James brings simple, yet skillfully constructed songs, combined with whiskey-soaked vocals and insightful storytelling through his lyrics. Having just released his new single ‘The Man I Want To Be’ via Listen To This Records, Vince chats with Trackd about flogging solar panels, playing live and more.



Trackd: Tell us a bit about the first song you ever wrote – what was it called, and what inspired it?

Vince James: The first proper song I ever wrote was a song called ‘Lions Den’ and it’s a story about me and my brother. We were flogging solar panels at the time, which took us all over the country. This one time we found ourselves at a farmers market trying anything we could to get a sale. It turns out the farmers there didn’t like what we had to offer, and didn’t mind showing us. We were at that place all day and didn’t make a single sale, it felt like someone really had thrown us to the ‘Lions Den’.


T:  What’s the highlight of your music career thus far?

VJ:  Each time i get to play my songs to a live audience is a highlight of my career. It’s taken me all over the UK, and there’s no better feeling than travelling to all kinds of different places getting to share my songs with people. Every show is different but equally as enjoyable as the last show – it never get’s old.


T:  Do you tend to perform with a band live or do you do solo sets as well? Which set-up do you prefer and why?

VJ:   I perform solo for all my shows, which I really enjoy because it’s a special feeling being up on stage by yourself. It’s just you and the audience. I find I can just be myself and I kind of like just being independent. I’ve played shows with a band before and they’ve been really fun, it creates a whole different kind of atmosphere. Right now I’d probably have to say I prefer performing solo, but who knows what could happen further on down the line.


T:  Do you continue to write when you’re on the road?

VJ:  I’m always trying to be creative whether it be on the road or just sitting at home. I do find I get lots of inspiration on the road, just because of all the new things I experience. It gives me a whole different perspective, and different way of thinking compared to when I’m at home, which can lead me to write plenty of new songs.


T:  What music have you got on your Trackd profile and is there any demos or music on your profile you’d like to challenge any of our users to have a go at re-tracking or putting their own spin on?

VJ:  I have my new single ‘The Man I Want To Be’ on my Trackd profile at the moment along with an acoustic, vocal and separate lead guitar stem, which anyone is more than welcome to put they’re own spin on and have a go at making it they’re own! Please do I wanna hear your re-tracks! [Collaborate here]


T:  What’s next for Vince James? Any upcoming releases? When can people see you live?

VJ: I’ve got some really exciting records, which I’ll be releasing next year. Keep checking back on my Trackd. I’m sticking to the plan of releasing a record every month or so, which is working really well so far things feel like they’re building nicely. Anyone who wants to catch me live, which they’re always welcome to. I’ve got a gig booked at ‘Monusk Deli’ in Newport on the 26th of October, then I’m playing at ‘The Lock Tavern’ in Camden, London, on the 8th of November for Live Nation.


T:  Any advice for young, budding musicians wishing to take their passion and turn it into a career?

VJ:  Enjoy it, have fun and let the good times role!


T:  Best gig you’ve been to?

VJ: Seasick Steve at Wembley Arena in London.


T:  Dream band line-up?

VJ:  The Travelling Wilburys (which were real, but can’t think of a better dream band line-up than that!)


T:  The ‘one’ song you’d wish you’d written?

VJ:  The Band – The Weight




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