After shooting a live session on our yacht in Cannes during MIDEM Festival, Trackd caught up with Denmark R’n’B sensation – Iris Gold. Spilling the beans on supporting Robbie Williams on tour, the one song she wishes she’d written, and she wants YOU to remix her songs #onTrackd!

Trackd: Tell us a bit about the first song you ever wrote – what was it called, and what inspired it?

Iris Gold: It was called “Hey Dj”- it was super wack. It was just about how all the dj’s wanna touch my breasts. I beat boxed the beat and did a super old school 80’s rap flow about my titties, basically…


T: What’s the highlight of your music career thus far?

IG: Performing in Abu Dhabi in-front of 25 thousand people on support tour for Robbie Williams.


T: Do you tend to perform with a band live or do you do solo sets as well? Which set-up do you prefer?

IG: I perform with a live band and sometimes just with my scratch vinyl DJ. Sometimes striped down set with just my guitarist. I love it all!


T: Do you continue to write when you’re on the road?

IG: Yep, I’m always writing on the bus, on the train, on the plane, wherever!


T: What music have you got on your Trackd profile and is there any demos or music on your profile you’d like to challenge any of our users to have a go at re-tracking or putting their own spin on?

IG: I have Good Man and Good Vibes and yes, I’d love to hear remixes on both of them!

[Collaborate with Iris here:]


T: What’s next for Iris Gold? Any upcoming releases?

IG: I have My first Scandinavia release in early November out through Playground Records. I’m so excited!


T: Any advice for young, budding musicians wishing to take their passion and turn it into a career?

IG: Imperfections are what makes you special so put them out there. Perfect is kind of boring, in my opinion.


T: Best gig you’ve been to?

IG: Prince at The O2 in London.


T: What’s the *one* song you’d wish you’d written?

IG: There are just so many, but right now it’s “Issues” by Julia Michaels. It’s so beautiful.



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