Trackd chat to tour manager turned producer – KRUPA – about his time on the road with Jamie Woon and Glen Hughes, new collaborations with Skindred and top tips for aspiring musicians.

Who are you? Where is home?

My name is KRUPA and I am an artist, producer and drummer from Newport, South Wales.


Was there anyone or anything in particular that set you on a journey through music?

It was a journey that started at the age of 6, asking my parents to join a brass band. I later moved on to the drums at the age of 9 and never looked back.


What is it like working as a tour manager for the likes of Jamie Woon and Glen Hughes (Deep Purple)?

As everyone knows in the music industry, it’s always a struggle to make ends meet. I feel lucky in the fact that I can work with such talent, which in turn inspires me to do the best I possibly can with my own music.


What’s your favourite song and why is it special to you (if not too personal to spill!)?

I have far more than two favourites. But two special tracks would be an old lovers rock song, actually called lovers rock by Eargasm for the reason that it was the first song my parents ever danced too while my Dad was a DJ back in their youth. The second was also from my dad’s record collection which was the spark to really getting involved in music, that song was Watching the Detectives by Elvis Costello. This was where my love for the drums began.


What’s on the horizon for KRUPA? Any shows, releases or things you think Trackd users should watch out for?

I’ve been working with a number of great acts. Recently with Benji Webbe of Skindred, we have jut finished a track which is with him and his son Kingsley (who is an unbelievable talent in himself). I’ve also been speaking with a number of D’N’B singers and MC’s which we are looking at collaborating soon. I’ve also just finished two tracks with some local talent, Fernquest, Local and Eaton and I am in the process of filming videos for two separate tracks. This is being directed by myself and Lee Dainton of Dirty Sanchez fame and his team which include, Richard P Walton (Gumball Rally) and Warren Peace Pitt (Aerial Drone Operator).

As well as being in the studio, I’ve been spending a lot of time building my live set and DJ set. With a number of festival performances next year booked in, but for the moment, for obvious reasons, I can’t say much more.


Give us your top 3 – alive or dead – who you’d collaborate with and why?

Jeff Buckley as he is my favourite artist of all time.

Mr Carmack as his work rate and talent is unparalleled.

Jamie Woon as he’s a good friend and once I can take him a song that he cannot say no too, it might be on the cards. I’ve been a fan since young anyways.


Top tip for all the aspiring producers out there who want to make awesome tunes like you do?

The advice I would give anyone trying to succeed in anything is work harder than anyone else, do a better job than anyone else and for the producers out there…find your sound. I’m always writing music and I have a bank of tracks that are sat there, but overtime you craft your sound and you can hear ‘your sound’ shining through in certain tracks.


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