Dave Stewart Entertainment, Never Such Innocence and Trackd Music have officially launched an exciting new project ‘Songs of the Centenary’  at the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic in Liverpool today.

We’ve joined forces with a number of leading artists including Dave Stewart, Boo Hewerdine and Chris Difford to inspire well-known songwriters to create music without lyrics — and then in partnership with the Never Such Innocence poetry and art competition, reach out to school children to write the lyrics — and fused together — they will create The Songs of the Centenary.


“I am a big believer in using creativity to inspire young people – and we are thrilled to be partnering with Never Such Innocence and their art and poetry competition on Song of the Centenary.  Through technology and the Trackd app, we will be able to connect young artists around the world.. and maybe some older ones too. ”
Dave Stewart

The goal is to make it easy for children with no musical background or experience to be able to access simple song-building tools. They can also write their own song or work with other children to create a song, this can be children in their school, friends, relations or indeed children in other countries. We have created an online platform for musicians all around the world to easily participate and it’s calledTrackd’.  Schools and parents will have free access, providing a secure online platform for the children to create their music!  By 2018 we will have a collection of Songs of the Centenary, derived from the work of leading musicians and children – a global voice of youth to mark the end of the centenary.





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