Sharing stages with prominent artists such as Wilco and Tom Petty with only one album under his belt, LA-based musician Omar Velasco’s career is off to a pretty great start. His debut “Golden Child” unfolds as a richly acoustic, Neil Young-esque aural experience. With upcoming shows in Los Angeles and more material being written every day, Velasco keeps busy to say the least. And when he goes to record his latest demos, Omar uses Trackd. As an early adopter of the platform, we recently spoke with him about how the app has become a key element in his creative process.

Read our interview with him below, and visit Omar’s Trackd profile to hear tracks and stems that he recorded in the app!


Trackd: How were you documenting your songs before being introduced to Trackd?
Omar Velasco: Traditionally I’d record my ideas using a voice memo, but then I’d move to arranging my music over sound recording software on my computer.

T: What was your first impression of the app?
O: I usually don’t take to new technologies right away, but it took me only about a minute to grasp its format and easy to use interface, and that was very nice for me. I like to write in a multi-track environment and the ability to do that in the moment is what really ‘got’ me.

T: That’s one of our main strengths. It’s easy to use and there’s not an excess of flashy icons and plug-ins. It’s meant for putting down your ideas ‘on-the-go’ and in an easy way.
O: That’s exactly it – and one of the main things I like about it is its appearance of limitation, because it really makes you think about the importance of a part of a song. I will focus on what I put down and work with that instead of adding more to it after. It’s really great for me as a songwriting tool. What’s equally as important is its mobility. You can be anywhere and be able to put down your ideas and that’s the coolest part about it for me.

T: What is the most wild or unique place you ever used Trackd?
O: I haven’t done anything too exciting yet, but because it’s so rudimentary, I don’t have to worry about where I am to use it.

T: How do you start each demo? Do you like to hum out a track or pick up a guitar?
O: I use Trackd all the time – it’s my go-to demoing tool. I prefer to start with a guitar track and build things up from there.

T: Do you use an external mic to record or just work from your phone?
O: I do it right from my phone. My intention is just to sketch out my song so I’m not too worried about the sound quality of these recordings.

T: Which artist would you like to collaborate with the most?
O: If I could make music with anybody it would be Stevie Wonder. In this day and age [though] it would be one of Jose Gonzales, Sia or Little Dragon.



Check out Omar’s Bandcamp page featuring his latest record “Golden Child”

Download Trackd here to start creating multi-track demos and collaborating right from your phone!