Music is what you make it

So Many Hats. The Art of Making a Record On One’s Own

After finishing up his European tour, Omar Velasco has graciously provided us with some insight into his process of making a record. A big supporter of collaboration and “the magic that can be created with a group of resonant people,” the worldly Velasco, has now embarked on a solo career. With his debut album, Golden Child, now

Trackd get down to business with Tobias Robertson

Fresh off appearing on British talent competiton The Voice UK 2016, Tobias Robertson from South Wales, had a chat with Trackd about the one song he wishes he had written, the musicians he’d like to collaborate with, and how he’s using Trackd to produce his next release! Enjoy!   Trackd: Who are you? Tobias Robertson:

When Trackd Met Dan Bettridge

Hot off the heels from supporting Band of Horses on their UK tour dates, as well as attracting the attentions of the BBC and ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris, we sat down with the Welsh singer-songwriter to chat about his career to date, his upcoming debut album, his hopes and dreams… that sort of stuff. Trackd: Who are

Exclusive Q&A: Omar Velasco

Sharing stages with prominent artists such as Wilco and Tom Petty with only one album under his belt, LA-based musician Omar Velasco’s career is off to a pretty great start. His debut “Golden Child” unfolds as a richly acoustic, Neil Young-esque aural experience. With upcoming shows in Los Angeles and more material being written every

THE SCARY “S” WORD: Redefining Success as a Musician

I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful. – Marilyn Monroe I’m fortunate to have had, early on in my life, a close-up view of this industry’s most important element: talent. Spending my childhood with my dad at Trident Studios and seeing influential artists such as The Beatles, Queen and David Bowie

Co-writing: Two Pens are Better Than One

  There’s sometimes a stigma associated to co-writing – as if there’s a purity to the “solitary creator” in music. We’d like to dispel the bad reputation of co-writing and say, categorically, these lone geniuses are a dime a dozen. All you have to do is look to some of your biggest musical idols like