Music is what you make it

‘Asking for Trouble’ Debut Album by Dan Bettridge

On July 6th one of Trackd’s first ever artists ‘Dan Bettridge’ will release his debut studio album ‘Asking For Trouble’.  Songs that feature on the album were first ideas that were laid down by Dan on Trackd, the songs were penned in Wales in his songwriting cabin and then subsequently developed with his producer Charlie

Happy 50th Anniversary Trident Studios!

“Hey Jude”, “Brown Sugar” and “Space Oddity” happened because of this day 50 years ago.   On this day, March 8th 1968, Trident Studios in London was born. My Dad, Norman Sheffield, having been frustrated by the working culture and technical limitations of studios at the time, decided to create his own alternative start up

Stepping Up: An Examination of the 2018 Grammys and How to Achieve Gender Equality in The Music Industry #TrackdLongform

Stepping Up: An Examination of the 2018 Grammys and How to Achieve Gender Equality in The Music Industry In recent months there has been increasing discussion about the lack of female representation in various aspects of the entertainment industry. The worlds of  film and television have both received significant criticism, while the music industry is

How to successfully enter the US for showcase festivals (or not)

With South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, fast approaching, some of the hottest emerging artists around the globe are preparing to head to the ‘live music capital of the world’ to perform at the largest showcase festival on the planet. Unfortunately, it has become apparent in recent years that not all bands invited to

Christmas Hits: What’s The Winning Formula?

Christmas music has always been a key feature of celebration in the festive season. The older most popular songs have been reworked multiple times, yet what is it about these songs that instigate such a desire in the general public to revive the same music year upon year? Why are so many Christmas songs so

Trackd Featured Artist of The Week: Ivan Moult

Blessed with a voice that could soothe a set of angry ring wraiths into tranquility, Ivan Moult inhabits a curious, gentle space set between the 1970s folk/blues tradition and modern, confessional lyricism. #TrackdTalks with Featured Artist of The Week – Ivan Moult. Trackd: Tell us a bit about the first song you ever wrote – what